In this section you will be able to find answers to our customers most frequently asked questions.


We offer to get Internet in Spain during your holidays.
We give you a personal Wifi mobile hotspot (a small wireless modem 4G that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device to Internet), with a fast and secure connection.
For instance, you can connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. to Internet while you're in Spain, without data roaming cost.
Just switch on, introduce your password and surf.
Huge capacity 20GB (20GB extra only 30€ more)!
  • Keep in touch with your family, friends (Whatsapp,Facebook...)
  • Keep in touch with work (Email, Skype...)
  • Use maps and routes on your smartphone.
  • On-line information for your visit (transportation schedules, museum opening hours, restaurant addresses and reviews...)
  • See movies, sports etc.
  • And much more!!!
  • You can enjoy secure internet access everywhere you go!
  • Forget have to looking for a cafe;, a fast food restaurant or go back to your hotel to find a connection! We think that you have better things to do than hunt for an Internet connection...
  • It's easy to use, just switch on the Wifi devide and surf.
  • Huge capacity 20GB (20GB extra only 30€ more). Surf the web as much as you want.
  • Enjoy your personal data access. It's incredibly fast.
  • You don't even have to change your phone's sim, you stay reachable on your phone number.
  • You can share the connection with 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices, simultaneously. You can share it with your family!
Until 150 Mbps (down) 21 Mbps (up) Enough to see on-line movies.
Reliable coberage in Spain, we use the most important mobiles networks like Vodadone o Movistar.
We delivery your device direct to your place or hotel in Spain (48h before you arrive). The hotspot will already waiting for you Only ask at the reception of your hotel and get it.
You will receive your device in a protective cover that includes:
  • The router Wifi 34, ready to use
  • Plug charger with a USB cable (to charge it on your computer is you want)
  • The instructions for use
  • Wifi's key


  • Just switch on the Mifimania device
  • Look for Mifimania Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Enter the password. You can find it at the cover or back the device.
For following connections, your device will automatically connect once the router is ON.
You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously!

Between 5 and 6 hours when being used (intesive usage). More than 24h in standby.
We recommend you to charge it every night.
In order to save the battery, switch it off when the hotspot is not in use


Book Now! it's free. YWe only need you traveling dates.
BOOK IT FOR FREE NOW Book the sooner the better to ensure the hotspot's availability.
Before we send your mobile Wifi, you must pay your rental (only daily price per duration). We send you an email reminding the payment.
We accept credits cards (Visa, MasterCard...) or Paypal.
The payment process is done by Banco de Sabadell, one of the leading banks in Spain.


Shipping in Spain 24h/48h has a cost of 10€. Unluckly, shipements to Balearic Island (20€) and Canary Islands (30€) have an extra cost.
In order to delivery your WiFi mobile personal hostpot direct to your place or hotel in Spain (48h before you arrive). We need your arrival and deperture address in Spain.
If you do not yet know your address in Spain, don't worry, you can book now and complete your address later.
When you complete your booking, please indicate your hotel, hostel or apartment name and address. At the time you check-in, the hotspot will already be at your place, waiting for you.
Please, if your place is a private house, we will need your landlord's name.
At the end of your rental, you must return the Mifimania device at the reception desk of your hotel, hostal or apartament upon departure. We send a messenger to pick it up.
In order to pick up your WiFi mobile personal hostpot, we need your lasst address in Spain. If you do not yet know your address in Spain, don't worry, you can book now and complete your last address after.
When you complete your booking, please indicate your last hotel, hostel o apartament name and address.
Please do not forget to return it, we don't have a deposit, but hotspot and SIM card are expensive!
If you do not return your device, tou will be charged a 50 € fine.


Up to 3 working days before your rental starts, you can modify the parameters of your command (rental dates, delivery address, pick up address in this case up to 3 days before the end of your rental...)
Once the hotspot is sent, please contact us at contact@mifimania.com
You can cancel for free up to 3 working days before the rental starts.

Don´t hesitate to contact us (contact@mifimania.com), We will respond to your message as soon as possible.